40th Church Anniversary

New Life will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on Sunday, August 25. We will host a special service from 10:30am–Noon with an off-campus BBQ to follow (directions to be provided). Come join us as we celebrate forty years of God’s work in and through this local church! For more information, contact Pastor James at your convenience.

A few quick notes about the post-service BBQ:

1) The Church will provide the meat, rolls, condiments, etc. It would be great if people could bring side dishes and desserts (potluck-style).

2) The off-campus site does have an in-ground swimming pool. If you want to swim, please bring the necessary towels, modest swimwear and more. If you have not yet been baptized, we can make that happen on Sunday. Let Pastor James know of your desires ASAP.

3) Bring lawn-chairs for you and your family, as we will not be bringing chairs from the church.

4) Feel free to invite family and friends to the church service and celebration!

Hope to see you then!